Loki’s Dirty Whispers #18

"For all your boldness, I have but to dip my head between these thighs of yours to set you aflame. But you seem to think this position implies my submission… oh, my sweet, you’re in for a lesson tonight."

Original quote here.

OH MY GOD….somebody help…







Tom’s kissable lips

Does anyone else always think of that text post about a guy’s lips being the same color as the tip of his penis when they see posts like this?

No? Just me?

Not anymore…. *evil laughter*

I literally licked my lips and grunted as I scrolled down.  I am not ashamed.

son of a bitch…talk about an ovary exploding moment.  All those damn kissable lips!  And, yes, I immediately thought about them being the same color as the tip of his penis. :)  

I volunteer to test this theory….



"This is because I called so late, isn’t it?"

A little aftermath scenario continuing from rebornica’s comic here!  Their interpretation of the night guard at Freddy’s is seriously awesome - no-nonsense, kicking butt, and going through it all for his lovely Doll.  Tough guys with soft spots are fantastic~~!

Go check out the rest of rebornica’s story!  Personally I’ve been reeling from the feels, for more than a few reasons.  Well worth the look-see! :D

Also, please let me know how this comic/animatic style works for y’all!